Today’s Headlines

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  • Absolute Panic About Shutting Down the 405 for a Weekend (KPCC,Daily News)
  • Editorial: The Gold Line Is Working (SGV Tribune)
  • Beverly Hills Would Be “Spared” Bus Only Lanes Under Metro Plan (Patch)
  • Another Editorial Slamming California High Speed Rail (Press-Enterprise)
  • Metrolink Starts Selling Weekend passes for $10 (The Source)
  • Potholes Are L.A.’s Urban Blight (City Watch)
  • So There’s This Thing Going on Called Bike Week…(The Source)
  • CAL State Long Beach: L.A. Economy About to Roar Back (Biz Journal)
  • Box: Five Signs L.A. Is a DIY City (City Watch)
  • Southland Gas Prices Fall for 10th Consecutive Day (Daily News)

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  • Marcotico

    I sat next to the chief safety officer for the 405 widening project on the Metrolink a couple of weeks ago and he told me about the weekend long shut down.  Metro had proposed building a new Mulholand bridge with a new landings on either side which would have allowed a more gradual process (tearing down one side, and replacing it, then the other), but the community led by preservationists wanted to keep the old placements exactly.  So instead they have to replace the whole bridge all at once, so that is why they are shutting the 405 down for the weekend.  Hopefully it turns out to be like the Olympics where everybody freaks out, but in the end people realize they can live without their precious freeway access for one weekend.    

  • Did CityWatch forget to pay BlueHost? Site’s down.

  • Juan Matute

    From what I understand, the world is ending this weekend, so we won’t have to worry about the 405 shutdown.