Today’s Headlines

What an impressive group of people you are.
  • Mica Wants to Give States Ability to Spend Bike Funds on Something Else (DC Streetsblog)
  • 2009: Speed Limits Raised on Zelzah.  In: 3 High School Students Hit in Crosswalk (Daily News)
  • Communities Bringing Character Back to Areas Blighted by Refineries (LAT)
  • Some Cycling Groups Oppose 3-Foot Passing Law (Biking In L.A.)
  • New Bus Plaza Coming to Compton (City Watch)
  • Epstein Blasts Fact-Free Debate Over Westside Subway Stop (LA Observed)
  • Are Food Trucks Selling Out? (LAT)
  • Metro Rail Planning Anti-Terror Upgrades Before Bin-Laden Death (LAT)
  • More Automated Parking Garages Coming to Greater L.A. (Curbed)
  • National Review Uses National Train Day to Take Shots at AMTRAK/HSR
  • Northeast Corridor Wins $800M of Florida’s Rejected High-Speed Rail Money (WSJAP)
  • Meanwhile, Sen. Schumer Looks at Wasteful Airport Security and Wants Some for Trains (ReutersThe Hill)
  • LaHood Proposals Get Stricter on Private Bus Companies (AP via SF Examiner)
  • Copenhagen Quietly Reclaims 2-3 Percent of Its Parking Spots Each Year (Copenhagenize)

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There’s lots of great events on tap listed in the Streetsblog Bike Month Calendar Page.  Over the weekend we added “bike from work” drinks for next Thursday and a lot more.