Streetsblog Challenges City Leaders: Ride with Me for Bike to Work Week

No offense, but I'm hoping to get someone who doesn't ride often, not one of these guys. Image: CD-13/Flickr

Last year, when handing out the Streetsie for “Politician of the Year” to Bill Rosendahl, we challenged the Councilman to complete a bike safety course before we would give it to him in person.  While he agreed, we’ve had to put the project on hold, in part because of his heart surgery.

Last night, I read on NYC Streetsblog a challenge to Congressman Anthony Weiner, the man who would be the next Mayor of New York, to join them for a bike ride.  That got me thinking, as the city moves towards being a real bike city, it’s time that our leaders join us for a bike ride.

I’m opening a challenge to our city’s leadership, be it a Councilman, a Deputy Mayor, an Assistant (or Acting) General Manager with LADOT or City Planning.  Join me for a bike ride on the city’s streets sometime in April and we’ll lead off Bike Week with coverage of our ride.

There’s just two ground rules:

First, CicLAvia doesn’t count.  We have to ride on a street with cars.  No bike paths either.

Second, if you’re already an avid cyclist (see above) then we have to ride somewhere where you haven’t been before.

If you’re looking for a chance to improve your bike bonafides, this is your chance.  Just let me know when and where we’re hanging out.  Your press offices know how to reach me.


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