Two Weeks Until the Streetsblog Eco-Village Fundraiser…

Last year we honored the City of Lights campaign. This year? You'll have to head over to find out.

Two weeks from today, on April 15 at 6:00 P.M., Los Angeles Streetsblog will roll back into the Eco-Village for our 2nd Annual Eco-Village Fundraiser.  Since our announcement two weeks ago, a lot of you have volunteered to help make the event a truly memorable one.

Let’s give a rundown of some of the highlights for what should be another memorable night at 116 Bimini Place.

In addition to a music selection from our own Carter Rubin, Telematique (aka Aurisha Smolarski and Somerset Waters) and Elson Trinidad will be performing live in the courtyard.  Once it’s dark, we’ll also be debuting our first Streetfilm of 2011 on the previous weekend’s CicLAvia.  And we’ll be handing out some Streetsies to our 2010 award winners.

As for the consumable…Deborah Murphy will be providing a couple of plates of food.  The Eco-Village will provide an Eco-Salad.  I’ll be bringing a couple of plates from my own kitchen in addition to some fresh-brewed lemonade and iced tea.  We’re waiting to hear on a couple other donations, but we’ve also received word that our heroes at New Belgium Brewing will be sponsoring us again as well.  Love those guys.

And don’t forget our silent auction.  Dan Koeppel is donating autographed copies of his two books, Banana: The Fate of the Fruit That Changed the World and To See Every Bird on Earth: A Father, a Son, and a Lifelong Obsession. The Eco-Village is generously donating a “weekend at Eco-Village” including a free garden tour and dinner.  The LACBC and CicLAvia have agreed to some shwag donations and we’ll also have a “Livable Streets Wardrobe” bag with t-shirts of five of your favorite groups or projects.  There’s a couple more surprises on the way for the silent auction…

The suggested donation is $20 on a sliding scale.  If you can afford to give more, that’s great.  If you can’t quite afford $20, that’s fine too.  We’re not turning away any Streetsbloggers that want to have a good time.  RSVP’s are helpful, but not necessary.  Drop me a line at or drop by the event Facebook Page to let me know if you’ll be joining us.


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