Help Design the Streetsblog Questionnaire for the Special Election to Replace Jane Harman

Now that the field for the June election to replace Jane Harman has “narrowed” to eighteen confirmed candidates, it’s time to begin to put together the questionnaire for the candidates to make the case to Streetsblog readers.  What do you want to ask the candidates?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Harman, pictured here talking to Move L.A.'s Denny Zane at a 30/10 rally, was an outspoken advocate for transit expansion in L.A.

More than other local Members of Congress from either party, Harman has been a key figure for transportation advocates because of her staunch support for Measure R, 30 in 10 and now America Fast Forward.  Mayor Villaraigosa and the advocates for rapidly expanding construction of the Measure R rail projects, could see their prospects dim without Harman’s steady advocacy if the leadership of Senator Barbara Boxer, another staunch 30/10 supporter, is unable to get the changes that would allow Los Angeles Metro to accelerate its rail construction schedule.

When Harman stepped aside to run a foreign policy think-tank, a group of eighteen candidates rose to battle for her abandoned seat.  Leading the pack are Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn, California Secretary of State Debra Bowen, Redondo Beach Mayor Mike Gin and activist Marcy Winograd who has twice garnered significant support challenging Harman.

The extension of the Purple Line to Westwood (and beyond?) isn’t the only transit project that will impact the 36th Congressional District.  In fact, the Green Line Extension to LAX and the South Bay will move more residents and workers to and within the 36th as the District extends from the Mar Vista area of West Los Angeles all the say south down the coast to San Pedro.

Bicycling and federal  investment in bicycling infrastructure, emerged as an issue in Harman’s last campaign less than five months ago when her primary opponent, Winograd, snared the endorsement of Bikeside and tapped into the active West Los Angeles bike scene to give a boost to her strong, but ultimately unsuccessful, attempt to unseat Harman.

Leave your questions in the comments section.  We’re going to mail out the survey on Friday.

  • Mike Lau

    All the candidates I’ve heard keep talking jobs, jobs, jobs…But how are they going to do that? I haven’t heard anything specific except from Winograd, who wants a New “Green” Deal by cutting military spending and using the money to expand a local green economy. It’s easy to say you will fight to create jobs, but that’s just lip service. I would like to hear some actual proposals out of the candidates.

  • S.S. Sam Taylor

    @ Damien: Jan Perry isn’t in this race. The top two vote getters in the Primary will be Janice Hahn and Debra Bowen. Marcy Winograd has no traction
    and the other 15 candidates will split a small percentage.

  • South Bay transit

    1. “What will you do to provide long-term federal funding for a PCH Corridor transit project from the Westside to Long Beach that would relieve congestion in the densest areas of the South Bay?”

    2. “What will you do to ensure that federal funding goes not only to capital projects, such as #1, but also to increase bus and rail service frequencies?”

  • Fart Box 3000

    What will you do to ensure that transportation reform advocates are added to the Watch List?

    Which do you prefer: low cost gasoline or expensive wars? Trick question! You must like both to be elected.

    Can I get a free TSA pat down if I bike cross country to visit your office in DC, seeing as how I’ll miss my opportunity to be felt up by an agent of the federal government by choosing not to fly?

    I have a clunker, will you give me universal health insurance for it?

  • Fart Box 3000

    Once you are installed in office for life, can you show us the magic button that ejected the dolled up war-machine mummy that just resigned the position? When the time comes, we’d like a defense industry lobbyist to be able to press that button and get some of that “Yes We Can” in this district again.

  • Fart Box 3000

    Bonus round!

    Hot or not:

    Rep. Blumenaur in spandex?

  • Antonie

    Jane Harman is widely considered to been a blue-dog-Democrat Congresswoman. She was endorsed by mainstream politicians such as Janice Hahn and Debra Bowen when Marcy Winograd challenged her in 2006 and 2010, garnering 40% of the vote. Having supported the blue-dog, Bowen & Hahn are now self-proclaimed progressives. However, without a serious program to cut the military budget and require the corporations and wealthiest individuals to pay their fair share of taxes, no progressive agenda can be achieved. The only candidate in this race for Congress in the 36th CD who has such an agenda is Marcy Winograd. She is also distinguished from the others in that she takes absolutely no corporate donations to her campaign, and so cannot be lobbied. This may turn out to be a campaign determined by word of mouth, not endorsements of politicians.

  • Faramarz

    I have been taking note of the posts by this self-described “Fart Box 3000” for some time and believe this is directed at me, by using a handle similar to my name and commenting specifically on topics with which I am involved.

    The reference to “What will you do to ensure that transportation reform advocates are added to the Watch List?” is particularly disturbing. I believe this is an example of hate speech based on my ancestry, an invitation to racial profiling.

    Who are you, “Fart Box 3000”–who pays your bills? Do you have an affinity for intelligence agencies like the CIA or Mossad?

    Although I had not planned on taking an active role in this election, the fact that someone would want to scare me out of it makes me think that perhaps I should make it a priority instead.

    I refuse to cower in fear, regardless of whether I am being monitored or even actively sabotaged.

  • Robert Chang

    Janice Hahn is unpopular in her district, as evidenced by her poor performance for Lieutenant Governor. I think Mike Gin will make the runoff. He has support from many of the elected officials of the South Bay as well as Assembly Speaker John Perez and County Supervisor Don Knabe. As an openly gay, pro choice, pro business candidate, he can attract many of the centrists who reelected Harman. The anti-Bowen Democratic vote will split their support, allowing Gin to make the runoff.

  • Fart Box 3001

    Please see the following:

    I rest my case.

  • How about some real question instead of trollish comments?

    1. What is your stand on Green line South Bay extension (to Torrance)? Would you pledge support to help win Federal funding/loans for construction?

    2. What is your stand on Crenshaw line northern extension to Hollywood (not a real Metro project right now but it may become one)? Again, would you pledge support to help win Federal funding?

    3. What is your stand on potential light rail projects from LAX to Santa Monica (i.e. Lincoln Blvd extension) or LAX to Westwood (i.e. Sepulveda line)?

    4. What is your stand on LAX expansion? (Federal $ may be involved if there is runway re-alignment).

    5. What is your overall understand on the most urgent transportation needs in your district? And how would you address it? (this open ended question always reveal their mode bias even if they try to put up a good front about supporting transit or bike issues)


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