Today’s Headlines

  • Metro: We Are Totally Going to Build a Lot of Highway Expansion Projects This Year.  WOO! (The Source)
  • In This KPCC Piece: Ross Hirsch Explains Anti-Harassment Law
  • Mark Bixby Celebration of Life Scheduled for Friday (LB Post)
  • LADOT: Associations and Homeowners Can Remove Signage on Their Property (Curbed)
  • Westwood Hills Wants Soundwall for Cemetery to Keep Out 405 Noise (LAT)
  • More on Transportation Camp (Cycleicious)
  • CicLAvia Is Coming…Are You Ready? (HuffPo)
  • Too Many Overweight Americans Are Making Buses Unsafe (USA Today)
  • Jets Owner Woody Johnson on Crutches After Getting Hit By Driver While Biking in Florida (News)

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  • Spokker

    “Metro: We Are Totally Going to Build a Lot of Highway Expansion Projects This Year. WOO!”

    Measure R is 20% highway capital. They owe it to voters to inform them on the plans for that capital.

  • Hey Damien I hate to be a jerk…..but what happened to this story:

    no mea culpa just expunge it from the record? Even the MTA itself linked to your article. I guess no one is fact checking anymore.

  • I pulled the article because it had so much incorrect information that it was useless….You want the real irony here? I made a note in the comments section for this article that I pulled it and it got caught by the same spam filter that pulled “the dude abides” comment above.

    So, yeah. I had a date wrong on my internal calendar, and wrote an article about Art Leahy at the Transit Coalition tonight and the SR-710 Conversations. The Conversations piece was all about an event tonight that was actually last night. So as to not confuse the issue, I just pulled the article. Sadly, I didn’t have time to rewrite the article. Sorry for any confusion that was caused.

  • Damien, that spam thing is out of control!

  • Ryan

    I wondered about that…read the article on my Google reader and then it wasn’t on Streetsblog…once you post something you can’t retract it!