Transit Coalition Monthly Meeting with Art Leahy

Hello Southland Transit Supporters:
Have you ever wanted to know more about the latest happenings at Metro and the many projects? Well, here is your chance to learn, listen and get some answers first hand from Arthur T. Leahy, Chief Executive Officer of Metro, who will update attendees on what has been happening at Metro. Our speaker may not answer every question, but you’ll learn a lot about the latest developments in the regional rail system and especially the downtown Regional Connector, the Purple Line, the Crenshaw Line, the Orange Line, the West Santa Ana Branch, the Wilshire BRT, Dodger Baseball Service and the Metro Bus System Changes. Find out first hand, by joining us.
First @ 6:55 p.m. we will have introductions and go over some of the latest transit developments.
At 7:05 p.m, we will start the program, so make a goal to be there at the start at 6:45 p.m.
Leahy will speak and answer questions until 8:10 p.m. and then we will cover the business of other transit activities in Southern CA.
This is your Open Invitation from The Transit Coalition to join us for our Tuesday, February 22, 2011 meeting at Philippe the Original restaurant in Chinatown from 6:45 p.m. to 8:43 p.m. At this gathering, we will discuss current transportation developments and present a recap of the other transit-related projects underway throughout Southern California.
There will be other reports at the meeting such as Amtrak, Metrolink and Metro and the 30/10 Plan, as well as a review of actions to transit and state and urban rail service. Also, we will talk about Expo and some other projects such as the Westside Extension, the Downtown Regional Connector, the Wilshire Busway and the Crenshaw Line.
To attend, see our map, if you need directions. We generally gather downstairs by the cash register, then retire to the meeting rooms upstairs. Do not be fooled by the signs that say the meeting rooms are closed, as they don’t apply to us. If you have trouble locating the meeting, call 818-367-1661.
Pass the word. If you or anyone is interested, get them there Tuesday, February 22. Also, note:RSVP.
If we know you are coming, we will look for you, so you don’t stay lost from us. Note: If you want to get the an e-mail meeting reminder directly, write and you can get on the list for future events.
To make reservations, write us. Subject: Dinner Reservation Just leave your first/last name, e-mail and phone number. Please pass this e-mail along to anyone who might be interested in joining us. Call if you have any questions. Thanks, Bart Reed

About The Transit Coalition: The Transit Coalition is a 501[c](3) non-profit whose goal is to increase Transit Options and Mobility in Southern California by mobilizing citizens to press for sensible public policy to grow our bus and rail network


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