Road Rage, Disney Style

The tale is one that is familiar to us all. A model citizen is kind to friends, family and neighbors alike. He stops and smells the flowers. He walks around an ant.

Then he gets behind the wheel of a car.

Road rage. Entitlement. Delusions of road ownership. Selfishness.

Our everyman experiences all of these emotions as he travels to and from work, all behind the wheel of his automobile. Amazingly, this cartoon debuted in 1950 decades before the “war on cars” began or Streetsblog was even thought of. Yet, the concept of Road Rage, in all its ugliness and self-obsession, still existed. It’s a problem that all the fancy gadgets or high-tech cars in the world can’t solve.

But as we see at the four minute mark, the cure for road rage is still the same then as it is now. Take away the car and even the worst road rage monster becomes your average citizen again.


Cyclists removing driver from car. Screen capture from CBS

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