Today’s Headlines

Time Lapse Video of Friday’s All-City Toy Ride

  • CA Gets OH and WI High Speed Rail Money (NY Times, SF Gate, KCBS, Fast Lane, SacBee)
  • So What WAS the Metro Board Doing During That 45 Minute Closed Session? (Blog Downtown)
  • If Parking Lot’s Needs Trump Hollywood Farmer’s Market, Spillover Would Effect 7 Others (LAT)
  • Reminder: Bus Service Changes Happened Yesterday (The Source)
  • Community Group Sues to Stop New Zoning Code (Curbed)
  • Construction for Project to “Ease Congestion” on 405/605/22 Will Last 4 Years (LAT)
  • Want to Make L.A. Less Ugly?  Close More Streets. (Architect’s Newsletter)
  • A Look at Transit and Job Centers in L.A. (The Source)
  • CA’s Voting Highest Since 1994 Election (LAT)
  • Good and Smart Behavior on the Road Not Only Smart, But Revolutionary (Orange 20)
  • Some People Really Like Stephen Box (Biking In L.A.)
  • Long Beach Changing Licensing Requirement (Press-Telegram)
  • Want to Be Liked?  Be Involved?  Live in Walkable Communities (Science Daily)

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