“Castle” TV Actors Give a Carfree Demonstration

A pair of actor’s from ABC’s crime drama Castle are trying to live a car-free life a couple of days every month and are filming their experiences for a YouTube documentary series.  True, Stana Katic and Seamus Dever aren’t vowing to get rid of their cars completely or anything like that, but the reality is that celebrities have a different microphone than the rest of us.  If nothing else, these slick videos are showing how easy it is to ditch the car and get around Los Angeles.

The first film following our heroes’ commute, follows the pair on their bicycles.  It’s clear that neither is a regular bike commuter (correction: it turns out that Dever is, but he seemed to me to be playing the part of a new rider,) but that’s part of the point.  Katic is wearing a softball helmet.  Later, Dever discusses how riding in bike lanes is preferable because “nobody tries to kill you,”  so I guess somebody hasn’t spent a lot of time riding on Venice.

Yet, the two cruise to their destination with no problem.  They each talk up the benefits of cycling for mind, body, soul and environment.  The message is clear.  If these two can ride to work, anyone can.

The two are equally cheerful about riding public transportation.  Dever, resting on a “Give Me 3” P.S.A., opines that there’s no reason for transit to have the stigma it does with some parts of the public before hopping on a Metro Local Bus.  Katic seems at home on the Red Line, using some sort of electronic device while hanging on a poll.

To help beef up the videos, Michael Brune of the Sierra Club and USC Professor Jim Haw provide on-camera stats and figures to explain the importance to mind, body and planet of providing and using an array of transportation options.

They’re going to continue updating the series throughout the rest of the week.  You can catch the latest film, here.

  • @Damien — Stana seems to be a newbie, but Seamus is known as the whacky bike commuter in soap opera circles. He’s only been at it since 2008, but I think he gets the whole bike commute thing, even if he does have a little bit of a road warrior attitude about it. I get the impression that this project is Seamus’s brainchild.

  • trickee

    If Stana and Seamus can do it, so can we.

    Did u just call her Stanic? lol

  • Thanks, I made the corrections…

  • Helga

    the vid is a nice idea.
    however, 1:48-1:56
    ‘it doesn’t have to be a big governmental movement, it can be something that it’s just an individual deciding one day to give up their car’

    i disagree. we in part ‘decide’ based on the propaganda being subsidized by our government, in one direction or another. so it really does have to be a governmental decision unless we want to turn good-conscioused people into Sisyphus.

  • The first celebrity family that wants to try this, give me a frickin’ call.

  • LAofAnaheim

    Stana seems to be a Tea Party member….”we can’t let government decide”. Oh no, big bad government again…..

  • Dear LAofAnaheim:

    I think that you miss Stana’s point. She is saying, as I see it, that
    we should not assume that ONLY GOVERNMENT can do what is needed to stem the
    poor energy usage habits. We can not afford to wait for a deadlocked government (based on Tea Party members lobbying against necessary change) to cause the necessary action. I believe that she is saying that WE EACH CAN (and should) take action in our own lives to reduce energy waste, climate change, resource depletion …. and that in fact, in the end, it will have to be individual action … because the government cannot walk around behind you turning off lite switches and unlocking your bike, getting out your helmet, turning down your thermostat, replacing light bulbs in your home, cutting holes in your roof for Sun Tunnels to do daylighting, blowing insulation in your attic, etc.

    You need to do these things. Your waste will continue unless you stop wasting! The government can tax your wasting habits (carbon tax) which may get you financially motivated …. and I think that they should!!!! Otherwise, I hope you do not have grandchildren because you are destroying the world that they will need to try to survive in.

    As to Josef Bray-Ali:
    I may not be the level of celebrity that you require – but as a Cycling World Record Holder and a Phi Beta Kappa and a State Champion Swimmer …
    as well as a bunch of other things ….

    I have (in my 1970s built house at 5900 ft elevation in Northern Colorado):

    1) Put 6 Large sun tunnels in my ceiling for daylighting
    2) Changed 140 light bulbs – first to CFLs – then in 2008 to LEDs (even better than CFLs)- using my own hands.
    3) Insulated my attic to R-100 – using my own hands.
    4) Insulated my walls (which were R-2 to R-9) to R-14.5 to R-68 – using my own hands.
    5) Built a passive solar room on the south (using Cull and recycled materials … and my own hands plus help from a neighbor) .

    These have changed the house from putting 16 tons of carbon di oxide (CO2) per year into the atmosphere … to removing 8 tons per year!

    Also, for transportation, I :

    1) Have ridden 192,000 miles in my life
    2) Drive a Plug In Converted Prius … when cycling is not appropriate.

    A lot of folks like to quip about why they do not do …. when they could just do what is right for the world.

    By the way,…. there is a money incentive in doing the right thing … Public Service Pays me … for my BETTER THAN NET ZERO ENERGY FOOTPRINT.


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