Friday StreetPoll: NFL Stadium?

What's Your Preference for the NFL's Future in Los Angeles

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It seems as though the idea of bringing an NFL team to the Greater Los Angeles area is gaining strength again.  Will it pass when USC is bowl eligible again?

This week’s poll should be an easy one, because I think most people know their vote without having to think about it.  Should L.A., or Industry, build a football stadium?  Does California even need another team?

  • Gregory

    Why would anyone want to build a new stadium?

    Why? Hope we don’t subsidize it with tax money.

    It has been shown over and over that building stadiums is a money loser for the municipality that builds them.

  • Hey great, people want to build a new stadium. Awesome. We can build a large complex in Inglewood! We’ll call it The Forum!

    Oh no, wait, I know, how about a large sports and entertainment complex in Downtown LA. If we get the right corporate sponsor we can call it “Staples Center”.

    Hm, not working? How about this: a small poor community that lived on a hill overlooking Downtown LA was given the boot to build a housing project. Housing projects are bad ideas, so let’s use the land to build a large sports stadium, with a parking lot suitable for the staging of a UFO-based invasion of Southern California.

    Well, if that isn’t doing it for you there is always the race track down on the corner of Figueroa and Exposition. There is nothing but vice and disease being spread around down there. Might as well clear the place out, install a Rose Garden a Museum of Natural History, enough parking for several tank divisions, and a stadium suitable for the events of the 1932 and 1984 Olympics.


Stadium Backers Ready for Some Football. Right Now. This Minute.

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