Today’s Headlines

  • President’s Visit Doesn’t Spur Carmageddon (Daily News)
  • Downtown Streets a Tangled Mess (LAT)
  • Ridley-Thomas: Run Crenshaw Through WeHo?  (Ride the Pink Line)
  • Dude, Let’s Get it to the Airport First (The Source)
  • A Look at Some of the Close Races Around the Region (Daily News)
  • Lots of City Owned Bike Racks Looking for a Home (LADOT Bike Blog)
  • Agoura Hills Cyclist Killed in Hit and Run DUI (Ventura County Star via Biking In L.A.)
  • Sherriff’s Patrolling Metro Lines in Plain Clothes (Daily News)
  • Epstein: Best Route for Westside Subway Runs Through Constellation Blvd.  (HuffPo)
  • Not So Fast: NJ Gov. Might Want Federal Funds for Transit Tunnel (Reuters)
  • Vancouver Chosen to Host 2012 Velo-city Global Conference (Momentum via Bike Portland)

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