Today’s Headlines

Mayor’s New 30/10 Promotional Video via The Source

  • Katz Sees No Problem Being on CAHSR and Metro Board.  State Disagrees (LAT)
  • Report from the Van Nuys Bike Plan Meeting (Neon Tommy)
  • City Council Still Talking Food Trucks (LAist)
  • River Flow a “Smoking Gun” of Global Warming (LAT)
  • If You’re Not Going to Bike to CicLAvia, Then Go Metro (The Source)
  • Tri of Big Rig Crashes “Snarling” Traffic (Daily News)
  • Ray LaHood Mounts Defense of National High Speed Rail Program (Fast Lane)
  • A Lot of Press on Proposition 23 Today (SF Gate, CBS, Bay Citizen, CBS, SF Weekly)
  • Driver Asks Mr. Roadshow Whether Assault is Reason Enough to Call 911
  • LAPD Is Buying 10,000 Jet Packs (Fox News via LAist)

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  • LAofAnaheim

    I love the 2nd to last frame of the video shoot taken at 7th street / Metro Center station with the Blue and Red/Purple lines. However, I hate the last shot of the video which is the moving 110 freeway through downtown LA.

  • First of all, IT IS NOT THE RESPOSIBILTY of the government to cap an oil well. That is the responsibility of the oil company. The Obama administration had to take over because BP FAILED in it’s responsibilities. The Obama administration did an EXCELLENT job coming up with solutions to problems that no government had to face before. AND THEY SUCCESSFULLY SOLVED the problem. Did the panel mention that? If so, it did not make the headlines.

  • Maroc,

    What the heck are you talking about?