We’re Back!

Tomorrow, Los Angeles Streetsblog will resume its normal publication schedule.  Throughout the course of this week, you’ve probably noticed things beginning to return to normal, such as the return of the calendar section, return of the events post, and an increase in the number of stories.

Thanks to the efforts of myself and some friends and fellow activists, Dana Gabbard, Dorothy Le, Joe Linton, Jessica Meaney, Deborah Murphy, James Rojas and Carter Rubin, we’ve formed a new non-profit to handle the fundraising and staffing of L.A. Streetsblog.  In the short-term, OpenPlans will serve as our fiscal agent.  In the long-term, the Southern California Streets Initiative will be taking over the day-to-day content of the site while OpenPlans will continue to provide technical support, graphics support and, of course, material that can be syndicated from the other Streetsblogs.  What, you thought I designed the logo for tonight’s party myself?

Over time you’ll begin to notice some changes: new columns and features, regular Streetfilms and, yes, advertising appearing on the side bar and above to header.  In the short-term, we’ll be working to replace the funding that had been provided by OpenPlans.  In the long-term, you’ll be seeing much deeper coverage from communities around the county, air quality, good movement, Smart Growth, and Transit Oriented Development.  It’s going to be exciting.  I’m excited.

But for now, we’re just happy to be back.  We’re grateful for all the support everyone has shown during our partial-publication-period.  A look at our readership shows that in August Streetsblog had 80% of the readership it did in June, our last full month of publication.  I appreciate that level of loyalty, and I’m inspired to really get back to work.

But first, let’s party.

Streetsblog Los Angeles Re-Launch Fundraiser and Party

For more details about the party, click here.  For an updated list of our silent auction, visit Green L.A. Girl, who was/is amazing enough to have basically put the whole thing together herself.


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