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This time lapse video of the Expo Line right of way through Cheviot Hills has been making the rounds.

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  • Driver Sentenced to four years for hit and run vehicular manslaughter in Malibu (Biking In L.A.)
  • Miscarriage of "Justice," Driver Maims Cyclist, Does Everything Wrong, Serves No Jail Time (Bikeside)
  • Wow, this video is really cool! I’d like to hear about how this was made, it looks like someone just walked the whole thing holding a camera. I especially like how it just plows through all the barriers across the right-of-way (fences, bushes, cars). I’m guessing the videographer stopped at those points and then walked around or climbed over the barrier. It is interesting to see how the right of way has been encroached upon by parking lots and random junk.

    I also like when the camera goes directly between the teens hanging out on the track! It reminds me a lot of the blue line right of way – even with the blue line there now there is still tons of space where people hang out and junk accumulates.

  • Nice to see how much free parking will be eliminated

  • marcotico

    Whoever did this should do one for the PE ROW going though LA and OC.

  • Markus

    This is from videomaker Bendix5 on YouTube:”Starting about 6 blocks West of Robertson & Venice through West LA to the corner of Pico & Sawtelle! Yes, no kidding – this is West LA and it was shot on July 10 & 11, 2010….I made this film with a home brew steadycam, a Panasonic Lumix TZ-10 camera, Apple’s iMovie and a lot of walking. ;)”

  • Ross Hirsch

    Very nice job–and it would make an amazing PR piece. You can see the potential it could have even in its currently undeveloped state on West LA public transportation (which is so badly needed).

  • Erik G.

    Free Parking? Too bad. That line has been there since 1875!!

  • Matt

    Let’s hope that the city has the foresight to actually make that bike friendly. Peple have been working to make that whole stretch a bike path but the city isn’t working with them.