CPUC Rules: An At-Grade Station Is Just Fine for Expo at Farmdale

6_24_10_farmdale.jpgRendering of the future Farmdale Station?

The first round of the "Last Battle of Farmdale" has been decided, and it appears to be a rout for those supporting the creation of a new station for the Expo Line at the intersection of Farmdale and Exposition Boulevard in front of Dorsey High School. Yesterday afternoon, California Public Utilities Commission Administrative Law Judge Maribeth A. Bushey ruled that the construction of an at-grade station satisfies C.P.U.C.’s safety requirements for the intersection. The full C.P.U.C. Committee can overturn Bushey’s decision after public comment, which ends on July 13, but Bushey’s ruling is a blow to those fighting for a grade-separates Expo Line.

You can read the full proposed decision here, but here’s the key part:

On balance, the Farmdale crossing station proposal substantially diminishes the safety issues created by a pedestrian at-grade crossing, without adding new safety and aesthetic issues. The station also adds to the neighborhood convenience by providing walkable access to the Expo line for residents and students and retains the vehicular crossing. We, therefore, conclude that the Farmdale station alternative is superior to the pedestrian overcrossing, vehicular crossing closed option.

As you would expect, at-grade opponent Damien Goodmon isn’t happy with the decision. He tells the Times:

It is clear that the commission has pulled out its rubber stamp and doesn’t care about the safety of Dorsey High School students.

When a date is announced for the final CPUC hearing on the issue, Streetsblog will report it here.

  • It is pretty clear the Goodmon/Cheviot Hills ploys have backfired. I predict Phase II will have far less of this nonsense and the PUC/LAUSD have learned a lesson about taking at face value dubious claimaints of being community champions. Goodmon is probably also finding Crenshaw less useful as a place to set-up given the established powers that be want the light rail in that corridor and will not brook agitating attention grabbing johnnie come latelys trying to hog the spotlight. Goodmon may soon be fading from view, and ditto his ambitions…

  • Erik G.

    Those poor children at Dorsey High and Overland Elementary who will be sucked into the vortex created by the passing trains!

    And then the trains will stop and eat them. And their parents. And their little dog Toto, too!

  • Spokker

    Expo will make it easier to buy weed. Just a hop, skip and a jump to Farmdale Station.

  • Spokker


    “testimony previously presented by the school district showed that Dorsey students are “distracted,” likely to take “risks that adults would not,” and that two or three students per day are identified as being “under the influence of alcohol or marijuana.””


    I got hit by Expo… ’cause I got high.
    Was gonna wait for the arms to go up… but then I got high.
    I made the news that night and I know why…
    ‘Cause I got high.
    ‘Cause I got high.
    ‘Cause I got high.

  • A+ to Spokker

  • Spokker

    What’s funny is that today you can go to Dorsey High and watch kids use the crosswalks after school. High, drunk or straight edge, the majority of high schoolers seem to be managing the streets well enough.

  • S.S. Sam Taylor

    Perhaps it is Damien Goodmon himself that can’t avoid the trains? Well, it is Check for him, on the way soon to Check Mate.

  • PaulCJr

    Thank god the CPUC realized that this station is fine being at grade and that these high schoolers are smarter then the opponents of the grade crossing think. This saves us a little money to be put towards the second phase b

  • DD

    The students at Dorsey will be loving the Expo/Farmdale Station when they can hop on it to go to Trade Tech, LACC, LALive, Universal Citywalk, and then eventually to Santa Monica CC, the beach etc. We know these young people can adapt and do the smart thing. If Mr. Goodmon is concerned about the Dorsey students I hope he takes the time to volunteer to mentor/tutor at Dorsey and make a positive impact.


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