Today’s Headlines

  • Hail-a-Taxi Pilot Program for Hollywood and the Downtown a Success (LAist)
  • New City Council Rules Didn’t Go Well on Day 1 (LAT)
  • Group Wants Parks Along LA River in Studio City, Not Condos (LAist)
  • Lawmakers Stage "Intervention" with CAHSR (Voice of OC)
  • Buses Don’t Stimulate Development?  Prove It. (Human Transit)
  • Sssshhhhhh! Parking a Bike at a Meter is Illegal (LADOT Bike Blog)
  • Behind the Orange Curtain: A Crash, A Death, A Ghost Bike, A Yawn from the Media (Biking in L.A.)
  • CNN Fills Out the "Bikes vs. Cars" Story Template
  • Government Gives Bridges Safety Inspections by Staring at Them (CNN Money)
  • Here’s a Shock: Traffic Deaths Close to Zero in Copenhagen (
  • DanaPointer

    “Here’s a Shock: Traffic Deaths Close to Zero in Copenhagen (”

    About same density as OC, 2009 155 deaths in OC (

    Compared to 5 in CPH 2009(

    I agree CPH is a bit smaller, but even at double, 10 deaths, or even at 20, it’s magnitude difference.

    In general people here are so safety conscious, no smoking, hardly drink(compared to Denmark), but on this actual matter seems like there is very little attention, why does US and SoCal in particular tolerate this carnage?

  • Hah, funny – I sent that Copenhagen article to Bryan Goebel at SF Streetsblog. He didn’t post it there, but didn’t expect to see it here. Must’ve been a coincidence unless you somehow got it from him. Anyway, I only saw it because I’m currently studying in Denmark and read the news.

  • I got it from Erik Griswold…but I’ll give Bryan a poke on getting “scooped” from down here.