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I just got a call inviting me on 889.9 F.M. ,KCRW’s, Which Way L.A.  later this evening.  The show starts at 7:00 P.M., but KCRW agreed to share the audio with me, so I can post the entire interview here tomorrow.  The topic of our conversation is going to be the state of Los Angeles’ streets, and what’s being done about making them better and fixing them.

  • Very cool that the show is smart enough to include a cyclist’s voice. I hope Warren asks a lot of typical incisive and intelligent Warren questions.

  • Which Way LA can be an interesting forum.

    I’d like to encourage you to discuss the idea of prioritizing our city’s main transportation arteries for repairs, improvements and multi-modal access for all.

    This is, of course, the main goal of the Backbone Bikeway Network (despite any popular misconceptions).

    Okay, sorry, shameless plug is now over.

  • We just recorded the interview…I pushed the ideas that

    a) it’s not just the roads that have bad repair, see: the sidewalks
    b) we need to embrace “Fix-It-First” too much money on expansion
    c) spending our money on side streets doesn’t help commuters.

    I was rusty, it’s been awhile since i’ve done radio that wasn’t Bike Talk and it showed.

  • I’m sure you did just fine. I’m glad someone’s talking about this stuff.

  • Who wants to pay for all of this? Seems to me like you’re all smoking your socks! This stuff costs LOTS of money. NO ONE wants to pay higher taxes to accomplish your lofty goals. Living pipe dreams – everyone of you!

  • Sorry, everyone—please ignore my dad’s comment. He can never leave his opinions at the dinner table.

  • angle’s dad for clueless commenter of the day!

    Seriously – what costs is he talking about? It is ridiculously cheap to build bike facilities on surface streets. Paint, plastic bollards, tar (to keep the bollards down), and signs. Sidewalks? Umm … let’s see … small amounts of cement.

    Does angle’s dad know what it costs to resurface freeways? Billions my boy. Billions and billions. To implement the stuff Damien is talking about is to total porta-potty cost for the recent re-surfacing of 3 miles of the 710.

    There is plenty of money for this stuff, we just spend it on big ticket, pollution and sprawl inducing, projects instead of fixing what we’ve got and reducing our footprint.

    Oh yeah and GET OFF MY LAWN!


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