Today’s Headlines

  • SF Planners Proud of Long List of Road Diets (SF Streetsblog)
  • Metrolink Workers Balk at AMTRAK Personality Tests (LAT)
  • Elysian Valley Bike Path: Almost There (LADOT Bike Blog)
  • Does the Marathon Give L.A. a Livable Streets Boost? (Jewish Journal)
  • Wall Street Swaps Haunting Transit Agencies (DC Streetsblog)
  • Heritage Group Wants to Stop Safety Improvements to Arroyo Seco Parkway (LAist, Eastsider)
  • And Here’s to Stoke Your Jealousy with Portland’s Bike Racks (Bike Portland)
  • SF Film Society Gives Props to Clarence and the Streetfilms Crew (SF360)
  • LaHood Recalls Dangerous Arterial Roadways (PPS)
  • Sam, It’s Not Too Late.  Call Me (

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  • Spokker

    Those personality tests are pretty flimsy. The whole corporate world is turning to them, though. I can’t imagine how they make life better or workers more productive.

  • Spokker

    More on those worth, stupid personality tests:

    “This last type of question is the epitome of corporate doublethink. Consider the following question:

    I know someone who has stolen something.

    Of course everyone knows someone who has stolen something, be it a friend, a co-worker, or a shady uncle. So, the average test-taker would think, “Of course I do, everyone does, but what does that have to do with me getting a job here and today? Besides, they must think that if I put ‘false’ I’ll be lying.” and answer “True.” But since these tests are designed by people who are completely out of touch with reality, they assume that a quality candidate will truly not know ANYONE who has stolen anything, or if the candidate does, he or she pretends to not know about it. The real question they’re asking here is:

    I hang out with thieves.

    I know a guy who use to steal video games from Toys R Us where he worked as a teenager. I’M NOT CORPORATE MATERIAL.

    I feel the union is right to stand their ground on these dumb tests. It just encourages people that when all else fails, lie through your teeth to get a job.

  • Spokker

    Also, the tests manage to decrease your morale before you’ve even started working at whatever job you are applying for.