One Last Look at the 2010 Street Summit

3 25 10 westwood_1.jpgWestwood circa 1941. Photo via David Yoon at Narrow Streets Los Angeles

Last week’s meeting of 500 community activists, livable streets reformers, pedestrian commuters, cyclists and environmentalists has certainly driven a lot of my coverage this week. But even with my somewhat exhaustive review of all things Street Summit, there’s still a lot of things that I missed. To try and fill in those last gaps, here are audio files from three more workshops, then a short description of some of the other writings that occurred after the summit that I haven’t yet linked too.

While I was hanging with the "Learning L.A. from the Streets" panel, my friends Darrell Clarke, Hillary Norton and Dorothy Le we taking part in a panel with Terry O’Day from Green L.A. and Wendy Alfsen from California Walks to discuss how the federal government can help Los Angeles move to our Livable future. I wasn’t there, but I did capture audio of the presentation which can be heard here.

During the second session, I was listening to a briefing on the L.A. Bike Plan, David Yoon, author of Narrow Streets L.A., was holding a panel encouraging people to think of the effects that more narrow streets would have on Los Angeles’ traffic planning. I’m told it was a "show stealing" presentation, and it certainly sounds like one, but it loses something without the slideshow which was just too darn big for me to upload successfully. I tried. in the meantime, you can listen to the audio here and view some of his pictures here.

And while I was basking in Donald Shoup’s parking lecture, Jessica Meaney, the new policy manager for the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, was sitting on a panel with Andrea Azuma, Kaiser Permanente Southern California Region Community Benefit, Wendy Alfsen, California Walks, David Pulsipher, Parent and transportation planner and Kara Sergile, Parent and SRTS organizer in Glendale. I love that "parent" is a qualification to sit on this panel. Their discussion of Safe Routes to School Planning is both illuminating and interesting and can be heard here.

Meanwhile, there’s been a lot of great writing about the Summit from sources other than Streetsblog. Ron Milam wrote about the discussion in a panel he moderated entitled, "Building the Bike Movement." The panel was about what next steps can and must be taken for the cycling movement to expand beyond just a rag-tag group of cyclists. While some of the ideas that were presented were things that are already happeneing thanks to the Bike Working Group, LACBC and CICLE, there were also several ideas that I would love to see taken up in the future. Anyone interested in trying to unify all the bike and livable streets calendars online? You can read more of people’s ideas at Milam’s personal blog.

Also, our friends at Where the Sidewalk Starts traveled in from Ventura County to take in the day’s events. Katie went to three different workshops than I either dropped of my tape recorded or attended myself, and you can read her coverage here.

All the Today’s Headlines and articles, and links still don’t manage to capture how great an event last weekend was.  The question remains, how are we going to follow-up, what changes are we going to push for to make things different as a result of the summit?  Those questions remain to be answered.

  • Erik G.

    Thanks for the photo above. I love the wider sidewalks and the wide median. Gee, is their removal the partial reason Westwood is a relative ghost town today?

  • That photo reminds me about one of my favorite fantasies — closing Westwood Blvd to vehicular traffic in the village, and turning it into a pedestrian plaza. Hilgarde and Gayley are both underutilized and could handle the extra traffic, especially once the subway provides another way to get to the village in another 10 – 30 years.

  • Wow! What an image. This is why I really will miss Kodachrome (just got my last roles developed a few weeks ago).

    Looks like the shot was taken yesterday except everything is clean, the architecture totally kicks it into overdrive, the people are so well dress and the cars are drab and almost forgotten about in the scene.

    Would love to see more images from that slide-show if you can manage it.

  • Thanks Damien for the mention. Just one quick clarification – during my workshop, there was no panel – instead I just facilitated discussion. All of the ideas generated were from folks who attended the workshop. Lots of great ideas! Lots of potential. I look forward to watching the bike movement continue to grow and strengthen in Los Angeles. Thanks for bringing so many folks together through LA Streetsblog…I invite folks to come out to the Streetsblog fundraiser on April 9th, from 6pm to 9pm at the LA Eco-Village (117 Bimini Pl.).

  • I would love to see the presentation with the video. Any chance you could post it on a Dropbox or something?

  • To clarify, I meant David Yoon’s presentation.


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