Mixed Message: If You Don’t Fill Out Your Census, We Won’t Do More Widenings


Hmm. If I knew that my census form was going to help determine how much sprawl-inducing highway expansion funding my community was going to get, I would have told them there were -4,000,000 in my house.

  • Yeah, I noticed similar signs too. They’re pandering in an attempt to reduce the cost of taking the Census. The more people that mail the forms back the less it costs in sending people out to conduct interviews.

    I hope everyone mails back their form. The basic point is sound. This area will lose money and political power if it is under counted. So hopefully we get an accurate count and we can get the feds to focus on something better than carpool lanes.

  • Spokker

    Damien, there are also billboards that use “people” and “buses.”

    “If we don’t know how many people we have, how do we know how many buses we need?” it says. I saw it on La Brea.

  • C. Goldsmith

    I would put “O” in my household. Who wants wider streets and more sprawl?

  • I don’t really understand the ads…


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