Today’s Headlines

  • LAT Editorial: 30 in 10 Is a Win-Win
  • Feinstein: I Know What 30 in 10 Is and I Love It! (LAist)
  • Southland Gasoline Prices Rise (Daily News)
  • Finding the Bus Fare to Get to Class (City Watch)
  • Daily News Dumps BRU Protests Into "Protest Wednesday"
  • Times Celebrates Reporter Driving the Marathon Route
  • Send Your Bad Bike Experiences to the LA Bike Map (Bikeside)
  • Fifty-Eight Paged Colored Pamphlet of Metro’s LRTP Now Online (The Source)
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Detroit Bailout $ at Work (Bits)
  • WaPo: Kornheiser’s Jokes About Killing Cyclists Really Funny

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