Today’s Headlines

  • Legislative Analyst: Jobs Claims in A.B. 32 Debate Were Overstated (LAT)
  • Letter Page Debate: Who’s to Blame for Car v Ped Crashes? (Glendale News Press)
  • Cities Not "On-Track" with State HSR Plans (LAT)
  • Downtown Streetcar Project Ready to Rally the Troops (LAist)
  • City Council Slammed for Not Paying Attention During Meetings (LAT, Daily News)
  • I Find It Sad That We’re Such a Car Culture in L.A. That We Celebrate Mentions of Transit (The Source)
  • Urban Density Should Support Open Space and Vice-Versa (Switchboard)
  • PC World Claims Google Maps Supports "Google Bikes" in L.A.  So Far, No Dice….

NBC Look at Fare Hikes.  LaHood as "Enviro. Change Agent of the Year?"  More at DC Streetsblog.