Happy Valentine’s and Presidents’ Day. See You on Tuesday.

Los Angeles Streetsblog will be taking Monday off to celebrate President’s Day.  If you can’t help yourself and need a fix of transportation headlines, some of the other Streetsblogs will be doing a "Today’s Headlines" post.  I wish you all a safe and happy Valentine’s Day and President’s Day.  If nothing else, I hope you can avoid the former police chief from Riverside while you’re on the road.

Another quick programming note, next Friday, assuming I can sang an invite, Streetsblog will also be dark next Friday as I head to the Town Hall meeting being put on by Senator Boxer and Secretary LaHood.  Of course, I’ll be twittering away as well as getting some stories together for both Los Angeles and Capitol Hill Streetsblog.


Where’s Today’s Headlines?

Dear Streetsbloggers, I am away on vacation for a couple of days.  My schedule is a little weird, but for the next two days I have some pre-written stories and interviews.  On Monday, I’ll be around for a half day working out of New York before getting the full Open Planning Project experience on Tuesday.  […]

Today’s Headlines

Listen! L.A.’s female bike leadership speaks out (Bike Talk) New HSR business plan released for public comment (LA Times) Construction underway for a more pedestrian-friendly Broadway in DTLA (KPCC) On Pomona Freeway, wrong way driver kills six people (KFI) Before/after photos of new walk and bike facilities on Colorado Blvd (Walk Eagle Rock) USC’s Manuel […]

Happy Valentine’s Day, Long Beach

Just in case you thought we under-did it on the whole “love” theme today (we could have changed the logo to pink for a day), here’s one last Valentine’s Day note.  Via our friends at Livable Communities comes a Valentine’s Day love video…to Long Beach.  The film was edited by our old friend, Drew Reed. […]

Open Letter to Streetsbloggers

Friends, Just a couple of weeks ago, I believed that I would be writing my last post at L.A. Streetsblog next Friday.  As it turns out, having listened to all of you and talked to OpenPlans, it now seems likely that L.A. Streetsblog will continue publishing instead of migrating our efforts to a new website.  […]

Announcing the Streetsblog Mega Calendar for Bike Month

Every year it seems like Bike Month comes and goes and Streetsblog and other publications can barely scratch the surface of what’s happened around Los Angeles City and County.  Bike month events aren’t just about partying, free water bottles and photo-ops for politicians, they’re also a chance for cyclists to speak out in a loud, […]