Today’s Headlines

  • Swedish Rapper in SUV Who Beat, Ran Over, and Killed an Unarmed Fifty-Five 140 Pound Man Continues to Claim "Self Defense" (Times)
  • Feds (for now) Deny Federal Funds for Connector, Subway (The Source)
  • Massive Church Builds Massive Parking Lot (Eastsider)
  • City Wants Help Enforcing Ordinance Against Mobile Billboard (LAist via Curbed)
  • Motorist Thrown from Car in Long Beach Dies (Daily News)
  • "Fixies" a Prime Target of Bike Thieves (Eastsider)
  • LTE: Don’t Ticket Traffic Offenders, Teach Peds. to Be Careful (Glendale News Press)
  • Walking: Easy, Healthy, Politically Unpalatable (American Prospect)
  • Tired of Gov’t Inaction, Climate Change Victims Look to Courts (NYT)

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  • No surprise the feds want us further along before they chip in for PE of the Purple Line extension and Connector projects. The process to get federal funds for transit capital projects is long and complicated. But we are progressing toward getting the FFGA.

  • IDK what FFGA actually SF. CYPEITM Mr. Gabbard?

  • OK. OK. PE=preliminary engineering and FFGA=Full Funding Grant Agreement

    The article at The Source explains what these are.

  • Like anyone reads The Source .

  • I ordered a Source decoder ring. It’s shiny!