Today’s Headlines

  • Where Alta Planning Sees a Great Place for a Road Diet, L.A. Sees "Infeasible" Bike Amenities (Flying Pigeon)
  • WeHo General Plan: Denser Development, More Pedestrians (WeHo News)
  • Riverside Considering "Downtown Loop" for Cyclists, Pedestrians (P.E.)
  • Caltrans Promotes In-House for Interim Director (The Source)
  • AEG Has Power to Turn Chick Hearn Court Into Ped. Only Plaza at Night.  Will They Use It? (blogdowntown)
  • "Doomsday" Looming for Port Truckers Who Drive Dirty, Polluting Trucks (Times)
  • Gold Line’s Lake Station in Pasadena Nearing Completion, But What About the Highway Noise? (Brgham Yen via Curbed)
  • Angeles Crest Highway Re-Opens, Closes, Re-Opens Again (Times)
  • Light Rail Proving Tremendously Popular in Utah (SLTrib)
  • Hey Kids, Get Hooked on Gas With Audi’s "Toy" Convertible (HuffPo)

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