Today’s Headlines and Last Friday Around the Streetsblogs

Today’s Headlines

  • Story on Pedestrian Safety Includes LAPD Quote That Crosswalks Give Peds. a "False Sense of Security" (Sundial)
  • Commuter Rail Suffering Because of Gov.’s Obsession with HSR (Times)
  • Debate Over Subway Route "Wilshire or WeHo?" (Times)
  • Pimp My Bus Ride (Time)
  • Bus Service Getting Slashed in the O.C. (Register)
  • How Much Money Did Michael Jackson Memorial Cost City, and When Are We Getting Reimbursed? (Daily News)
  • Dutch Drivers Get Mileage Tax (Wired)
  • L.A. Cyclists, Take This Survey (Street Heat

Last Friday Around the Streetsblogs

  • Hesitation and Praise Greet Obama’s Transit Safety Plan (DC)
  • Portland’s Greenstreets Program a Sterling Best-Practices Model (SF)
  • Senate Dems. Still Obsessed with Coal Burning Utilities (DC)
  • Transit in Trouble Photo Gallery (DC)
  • Cool Gallery of "No Parking" Signs (SF)
  • Help Uncover the Truth about Traffic Violence (NYC)

More Headlines at DC Streetsblog.  Links on yesterday’s festivities coming momentarily.