Streetsblog on Bike Talk This Weekend!

11_12_09_kill_radio.jpgAn original poster for Bike Talk on Kill Radio

This Saturday at 10:00 A.M., I’ll be joining the hosts of the popular Internet Radio show Bike Talk for a discussion of bikes, mobility, politics and policy. This is my first time doing live radio since a debate with Senator Karcher on a New Jersey Transit fare hike.  Hope I’m not too rusty.

For those of you that have never listened to Bike Talk!, it’s pretty much what its name implies.  Topics on the show can range from a discussion on the best way to maintain a fixie, to something that happened on a recent group ride, to a policy debate.  Hopefully we stay away from discussions that are too technical of you might find out I don’t even know the difference between a caliper brake and a cantilever break!  How embarrassing!

You can listen in to Bike Talk! at and . If you miss the show, you can go to for the podcast. You can join the conversation at 213-232-0998. If enough of you call in to chat, maybe they’ll invite me back again sometime.


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