Today’s Headlines

  • Boxer Honored for Green Transportation Leadership…by the Highway Lobby (AASHTO News)
  • Breaking News from the Times: Molina Critical of Eastside Extension Rollout
  • Why Non-Cyclists Should Care About the Bike Plan (Illuminate L.A.)
  • Metrolink Installs First Automatic Train Stops (VC Star)
  • O.C. Bus Riders Desperately Fighting Cuts (Register)
  • USA Today Blog Depicts Cyclists as Troublemakers and Asks: "Have Cyclist Rights Gone Too Far?"
  • Save Leimart’s Comments on the Crenshaw Corridor (Fix Expo)
  • Fight Over Allowing Guns on AMTRAK Stalling One Transportation Bill (The Hill)
  • Fed Transit Chief: "We Want to Be Funding Streetcars in a More Robust Way" (Green Inc)
  • Now THIS Is Great Bike Access on Trains (Wired)

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  • It’s just awful about those OCTA cuts. Beyond awful.

    Are there specific transit advocacy agencies to Orange County I am unaware of?

    O.C. is a very conservative county, of course, the only one south of Bakersfield that voted for McCain (by only 3 points), but it is no longer the monolith it used to be.

  • Awesome about the streetcar funding.

    Streetcars are returning to Downtown LA in 2014:

    There are lots of places in Southern California where heavy or light rail will not be able to get to, but streetcars in transit-only lanes can make a difference.

    Outside of downtown, my top four choices for streetcar lines in transit-only lanes would be:

    1) Union Station to Century City via Sunset to Sunset Junction then Santa Monica Blvd. via the unused ROW in Beverly Hills

    2) Union Station to Century City via Sunset to the Sunset Strip then down San Vicente to Santa Monica Blvd., to Century City via the unused ROW in Beverly Hills

    3) Ventura Blvd. between Universal City and Warner Center

    4) Venice Blvd. between downtown and the beach

  • “Are there specific transit advocacy agencies to Orange County I am unaware of?”

    The remarkable Jane Reifer has rallied riders through a group called Transit Advocates of Orange County, more or less an offshoot of SO.CA.TA

    This picks up the remnants of O.C. transit advocacy efforts of some years back mostly centered on the now dead CenterLine light rail proposal.

  • Spokker

    Has the OC advocacy group started telling people where their meetings are yet? I’d love to help out but they seem to want to keep it a secret.

  • Spokker, have you signed up for TAOC? I’d hope they send out e-mails with that sort of information…

  • I think I’m on their list.

    My problem is that they gave out the time of their first meeting, but not the place. When I inquired they said they were being selective about who came (they wanted transit big wigs). I thought it was bullshit because meetings should be open to anyone who wants to learn more.

  • Wow, Spokker, that sounds like what a bunch of former “bike advocates” used to do in L.A. That sucks! If the grassroots aren’t calling the bigwigs on the problems their policies create, who will?

  • Here’s the thread:

    I’m not going to email their group to “ask” to join their meeting so that they can evaluate me (or anyone else) to see if I (or anyone else) am worthy of attending. The meeting info should be public knowledge and anybody should be able to show up.

  • And based on these comments…

    “Buses seem to be the playground of the illegal alien to a large extent. I say shut the whole system down. Companies can set up their own shuttle services if they feel there is a critical need in specific cases.The drivers are incredibly rude too.”

    “I shop at the Orange Mall routinely, and I park near the huge OCTA transit center there. I never see any bus that is more than one third full, no matter what time of day. Many times I see buses coming and going from that OCTA center and there are only two or three people on each bus!

    Stop this wasteful system where a majority of the taxpayers subsidize a tiny minority of the citizens to ride around in empty buses all day long!”

    “Shut down the whole system. Let people ride bikes, mopeds and walk.
    Plan your time better.
    By getting rid of of this tax eating monstrosity we will cut down on noise, clear the roads and save billions of taxpayer dollars.”

    … the Transit Advocates of Orange County need all the help they can get. They should want stupid people like me showing up, not just “big wigs.”