Original Draft Maps Disappear from Bike Plan Website, But You Can Still View Them on Streetsblog

6_1_09_bmp.jpgThe original Downtown and Westside Bike Plan Map.

Last night, during an email conversation between myself, Stephen Box, Dr. Alex Thompson, Ted Rogers and Joe Linton; we were discussing the updated Draft Bike Plan now available on the official Bike Plan website.  Linton commented that the original draft maps, the ones that caused such large debate back in June, were no longer available on the website, all that was available was the updated Draft Plan.

However, both Dr. Thompson and Rogers had copies of the maps available on their hard drives; which they emailed to the group and I’ve uploaded to the Streetsblog servers.  Linton noticed that some streets were downgraded from the maps released last June in the current Draft Plan.  However, with the originally released maps no longer available on the official site, it would be nigh impossible for a member of the public to be able to comment intelligently on the differences between the original maps and the ones in the current plan.  So we agreed to help fill that gap.

The updated maps for Draft Bike Plan can be found on pages 5-21 here.

The original map for the Harbor Area can be found on Streetsblog’s servers here.

The original map for the Valley can be found on Streetsblog’s servers here.

The original map for the Westside, Central, and Downtown can be found on Streetsblog’s servers here.


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