Today’s Headlines

  • Newsom Says SF Streetsblog’s Parking Story is "Factually Incorrect…"Blogs Often Are" (Examiner)
  • Times Shocker: Paper Favors Federal Funds for CA High Speed Rail
  • Metro Board Chair Najarian Speaks to I Will Ride
  • GM Sponsors Bill to Issue 65,000 New Carpool Lane Exemption Stickers for Hybrids (Sac Bee)
  • U.S. Senator Weighs in On Behalf of Little Tokyo Over Downtown Connector (LA Weekly)
  • Enforcement and Interpretation of Bike Laws in L.A. an "Exercise in Absurdity" (Bicycle Law)
  • Battle Over Car-Only Festival of Lights Heats Up for 2009 (Griffith Parkwayist)
  • Just in Case You Thought Yesterday’s Reseda Bike Lanes Update Was Too Short (Eco Village)
  • Boston Globe Warns of Pod People Invasion (via Planetizen)
  • Jay Leno Makes Fellow Celebs, Viewers Feel Good About Driving Fast (Wheels)

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  • “There were forces inside Metro who wanted to kill the Gold Line Foothill Extension. But he has been trying to get everyone back together on the same page because we can’t succeed as a county if every sub-region only pushes their projects.”


    This is from I Will Ride’s blog. Speaking of every “sub-region”, it was the San Gabriel Valley politicians on Metro who cast the no votes on proceeding with the high-ridership Purple Line extension, and opposed Measure R and now with a sense of entitlement and hypocrisy expect the Foothill Gold Line extension to go to the top of the transit planning list despite its anemic ridership projections.

    Perhaps I Will Ride would like to avoid any hint of hypocrisy and call out Mike Antonovich among other SGV political leaders for caring only about their “sub-region”.

  • I read that Gavin Newsom story yesterday and was struck by how much it sounded like the LADOT’s lies about the Reseda Boulevard bike lanes. It seems like people in government don’t know how easy it is in the internet age to track down documents and verify facts… It’s sad.

    Sad also that Newsom can’t bring himself to support people paying closer to the actual market cost for parking…