Today’s Headlines

  • Newsom Says SF Streetsblog’s Parking Story is "Factually Incorrect…"Blogs Often Are" (Examiner)
  • Times Shocker: Paper Favors Federal Funds for CA High Speed Rail
  • Metro Board Chair Najarian Speaks to I Will Ride
  • GM Sponsors Bill to Issue 65,000 New Carpool Lane Exemption Stickers for Hybrids (Sac Bee)
  • U.S. Senator Weighs in On Behalf of Little Tokyo Over Downtown Connector (LA Weekly)
  • Enforcement and Interpretation of Bike Laws in L.A. an "Exercise in Absurdity" (Bicycle Law)
  • Battle Over Car-Only Festival of Lights Heats Up for 2009 (Griffith Parkwayist)
  • Just in Case You Thought Yesterday’s Reseda Bike Lanes Update Was Too Short (Eco Village)
  • Boston Globe Warns of Pod People Invasion (via Planetizen)
  • Jay Leno Makes Fellow Celebs, Viewers Feel Good About Driving Fast (Wheels)

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