Today’s Headlines

  • Amid criticism from City, Angry Spirit of William Mulholland, DWP Boss Nahai Resigns, Joins Clinton ‘s Climate Initiative Team (Times)
  • HBO Airs Four-part Documentary on How the Chandler Family (and their newspaper) ‘Invented’  Los Angeles (CNN)
  • World’s Worst Bikeshare Program? (Copenhagenize)
  • 11 ‘Essential Fixes’ for Smart Growth of Urban and Suburban Zoning Codes (Reconnecting America)
  • A Brief History of the Ghost Bike Phenomenon (Greater Greater Washington)
  • A Technology Solution to the Distracted Driving Problem or Tougher Laws?
  • David Byrne’s Wild Wild Biking Biking Life (NPR Weekend Edition)

Elana has more headlines at Streetsblog Capitol Hill.

  • TrueDis

    I think the Chandler documentary is airing on PBS, not HBO, and I don’t believe it’s in 4 parts either.

  • M

    It looks like the link for “11 Essential Fixes for Smart Growth” is pointing to the Copenhagenize article about the World’s Worst Bikeshare Program.

  • Erik G.

    Would CNN promote something on corporate cousin HBO? Never!

    Damien, it is on PBS, specifically KCET which used to be on Channel 28 in the analog days.

    And I hope everyone here watches it. The Chandlers VERY MUCH did shape L.A. into what it is today, both in density and form.