Happy Park(ing) Day

9_18_09_farm_lab.jpgImage: Farm Lab

With the exception of those stories that are already posted, LA Streetsblog will be dark the rest of the day while I complete the Park(ing) Day ride with whoever feels like joining me for part of the ride.

Park(ing) Day is one of my favorite days of the year.  For 364 days a year, I end up reading and writing about many of the amazing things that are happening in Portland, Boulder, Austin, Chicago, San Francisco and, of course, New York.  But for one day of the year, the advocacy world has a singular focus on what’s going on outside of the halls of government and on the street.  Every major city’s advocates take to the streets to reclaim the street in the name of public space and increased parks instead of increased parking.

And in that sense, Los Angeles is second to none.  The creativity and energy of our community is second-to-none and today is our day to shine.  I can’t wait to see what so many of you have done.

To quote a friend of mine who is doing his own amazing Park(ing) Day ride with the Greensters, I’ll see you on the streets!

  • M

    I tried to stop at the only San Fernando Valley spot this morning, but they hadn’t set up when I stopped by a little after 10am : /

    I just saw a brief teaser for a news show on channel 9 and they said “hundreds of parking spaces in LA are turning into parks today in an effort for water awareness”. Weird. I think someone read the cue card wrong or somehow they got the wrong message about Park(ing) day.

  • debbie downer alert!!!

    ok, so… i’ve been in LA for the last three parking days, and to me, each one seems progressively less and less, exciting.

    it’s kind of like the wave at a sporting event, after everyone’s lost gusto. kind of pathetic, seeing it circling around the stadium by a few die hards.

    don’t get me wrong, i love the idea and the message. it’s just hard to get excited about it as i see it circling the stadium again.

  • @debbie downer… er I mean David – A lot of the early energy for PDLA came from architecture and design firms… which are having a really hard time in the current economy. So the event hasn’t been growing phenomenally geometrically… but it’s still a lot of fun.

    There are some images from the L.A. Ciclovia park I helped out at today, posted here: http://ciclavia.wordpress.com/2009/09/19/ciclavia-at-parking-day/

    Also, I heard that the LA County Bicycle Coalition’s park at MacArthur Park was shut down by police. I also ran into a pedal power parking day park in motion – Stephen Box, Enci Box, Ron Durgin, and others – crusing by Wilshire and Vermont… so there’s still a fair amount of Park(ing) Day activity in this part of town!

  • I’ll have a full report on our ride tomorrow and a breakdown of all the coverage on Monday.

    Hope everyone had a great Park(ing) Day!

    Incidentally, the LACBC did set up by one of the entrances, on the sidewalk after the LAPD chased them. Next year we need to get the City Council to make a Park(ing) Day resolution and hand it out to all the participants.

  • angle

    There’s a video piece about Parking Day posted on the ABC 7 site which seems to have aired Friday evening. It reports that the event is about “water conservation and drought-tolerant landscaping”.

    Incredibly shoddy journalism.


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