Welcome to the Blogroll: Rita Robinson’s Twitter Page

9_1_09_robinson.jpgPhoto: LA Chamber of Commerce/Flickr

Normally, I wouldn’t add a Flickr page to our blogroll on the right; but given that the LADOT press office is operating on a shoestring budget a flickr page from the LADOT General Manager could be a useful tool to get information out to the public.

While Robinson hasn’t been as much of a target for criticism as some of the people that work at LADOT; she is the top boss at the department that has as great an impact on L.A.’s streets as any in L.A.

So far, the tweets have been less than exciting; a critic might note that her tweets from yesterday sound awfully similar to Streetsblog’s.  Hopefully the feed gets more interesting as time goes on, and if it does maybe we’ll start seeing similar accounts for Gail Goldberg, Art Leahy and other transportation decision makers.

  • Yay! I am glad to see General Manager Robinson is twittering! Maybe she could tweet a post announcing the long-delayed draft bike plan soon?!?!

    I know that some green transportation activists have suggested that Rita Robinson isn’t an alternative transportation visionary (like Janette Sadik-Khan in NYC, or even Gail Goldberg in the LA City Planning Department). Personally, though, I think, so far, she’s been a little deferential to the car-centric culture at LADOT… but in the past she has shown that she can make good progress at changing departmental culture.

    Here’s a story about Robinson’s leadership at the Bureau of Sanitation. BOS had a record of being very litigious to avoid city responsibility for meeting clean water standards. While the BOS upper management appeared pretty set in its reluctance to embrace environmental standards, Rita Robinson, who is not a sanitation engineer, was able to reach down into the middle management and promote a more forward-thinking younger Latino engineer (Enrique Zaldivar – who, in my opinion, isn’t the second coming of Rachel Carson or anything… but good.) I think this change took leadership on Robinson’s part, and from Mayor Villaraigosa (and others, including Cecilia Estolano then a City Attorney.) And there’s still some more work to do for BOS to more fully embrace the creek freak environmentalism that I espouse…

    I hope that GM Robinson might be doing some similar gradual leadership changes at the DOT… elevating more open and forward-thinking LADOT transportation engineers to positions of prominence. I haven’t seen it yet, but that doesn’t mean that Rita isn’t working on it quietly. (I hope I didn’t blow it by revealing her strategy here.)

  • Do you think the vision and commitment of LA’s missing bike plan could fill a 140 character Tweet? Would there still be room for a few disclaimers?

  • Mattlos

    gail goldberg is transportation decision maker?

  • Gail Goldberg’s department has the legal authority to control the right-of-way so, yes, she is a transportation decision maker. Does her department regularly exercise their legal power? Not exactly, but her Urban Design Studio has recently come up with standards for streets in Downtown LA and what can the LADOT and Bureau of Engineering do to ignore her department’s approved plans? They’d be asking for a lawsuit.


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