Bike Day L.A.



Send Us Your Bike Week Media

(Want to celebrate Bike Week but can’t make an event? You can help out Bikeside with their L.A. Bike Survey or Bike Nation Long Beach right from your desk. – DN) Last week, Streetsblog asked you to send us your Bike to School Day media for a short video we’re working on celebrating Bike Week in Los […]

River Bike & Walk Spectacular

Enjoy a fun-filled day with family activities and an outdoor movie screening right along the L.A. River. Bike valet provided. Bike+Walk at 4 PM, Community Fair at 6 PM, and Bike-in Movie Screening of Beetlejuice at 8 PM. LACBC will provide free bike valet! More info and Facebook event.

Eyes on the “Street”: Mother’s Day at L.A. Bike Fest

One day after Long Beach had their Bike Fest, it was Los Angeles’ turn. Missing the backing of an organization similar to Downtown Long Beach, the Bicycle Culture Institute, led by powerhouse Nona Varnado, mustered the volunteers and resources to put on a bicycle-themed party worthy of Los Angeles’ legendary bike culture. The overcast skies […]