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Use Your Body and Your Brain Will Thank You

We talk a lot on this blog about abstractions -- theories of urban
development, economic hypotheses, planning paradigms. But in the end,
it all has to play out in the real world. And the real world of
transportation is about one simple thing: moving your body from one
place to another place.

So today we're going to look at some of the things people on the Streetsblog Network
have been thinking about bodies -- how we use them to get around, and
the price we pay when we trade our own power for the power of an
internal combustion engine in our own personal automobile.

First, from Carfree With Kids,
a recent post entitled "On (Not) Using My Body." The blog's author, who
lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, gets around by transit and by bike
and has just had a baby. She wants to get back in shape, and it's made
her think about the usefulness of her body:

2120171275_2ae4d90329.jpgStress reduction in action. Photo by richardmasoner via Flickr.

when we were hunters, gatherers, or farmers, we didn't have time to
obsess over our bodies. We just used them. I'm guessing neither
anorexia nor excessive weight were big problems. Other than having
recently grown a pretty fabulous baby, my body isn't doing anything for
me right now. I'm not using it for work; I'm not using it for
recreation; and I'm not using it much for transportation (though I do
still walk some), and those cheap calories are not helping. I think the
way for me to feel more satisfied with my post-pregnancy body isn't to
diet or to "exercise," but to start using my body in ways that feel

Making good use of your body isn't just about burning calories. A recent post on the blog Brain Rules
talks about the role that exercise can play in reducing harmful levels
of cortisol, a hormone the body produces when it's under stress that
can actually damage brain cells over time. As the piece explains, we're
simply not wired for the long-term threats we face in modern life, like
economic uncertainty. We're set up, hormonally, to face quick
challenges from predators:

The brain iswell-adapted for solving stress-related problems that are short-term induration. The saber-toothed tiger either ate you or you ran away fromit, but the whole thing was over in less than five minutes.

Greatfor a jungle. Lousy for Wall Street. A recession doesn’t last for fiveminutes. Neither does a bad marriage, or a bad job. When you try topush a system that was adapted only for solving short-term problemsinto solving long-term ones, the system first becomes over-extended,then it becomes overwhelmed.

The good news is that one of the best ways to fight this kind of stress, and the toll it takes, is to exercise.
That might explain why I pretty much always feel more relaxed after
riding my bike, even if I have to contend with nasty city traffic along
the way. Exercise doesn't have to mean going to the gym. Using your
body as a tool -- as a means of transportation -- can be just as
effective. And, as frequent Streetsblog commenter Larry Littlefield has
discovered, a lot more fun. (H/T to @danlatorre for the brain research links.)

Streetsblog Network member blog Boston Biker
has a post today that highlights another benefit of moving your body
around without the aid of an automobile. In it, he addresses the driver
of a car, explaining how being on a bike makes you more aware of your

Did you know that if you are going down Cambridge Street towards theLongfellow Bridge, that if you wait patiently at the first two redlights, you can then make every other light if you simply go thecorrect speed? Did you know that most of the lights in Cambridge turngreen exactly three seconds after the walk guy pops up? Did you knowthat it takes almost as long to “lane hop” (walk out onto the dividingmedian and then wait for traffic to clear on the other side) Com Ave inAllston as it does to simply wait for the light to turn green?

I knowthese things, because in a very real way knowing these things helpskeep me alive. If you drive a car, you probably don’t know thesethings. Your world is totally different than mine. You are stuck in alittle metal box, your vision is obscured, you are low to the ground,your vision is limited by the cars in front of you, behind you isfilled with blind spots, your ears can’t hear past the sound dampening,your nose smells only what is inside your car…I simply have more senseson the job, and more inputs for those sense. Trust me, I know what I amdoing.

You've got a body. Trust it. Get out there and make it work.

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