Local and State Headlines

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  • David Galvan

    Regarding the survey that shows sustained support for Measure R: The survey also showed a breakdown of which projects in Measure R garner the most support from voters:

    from the article:
    “About 90% said that highway improvements were very important or somewhat important, compared with 77% for light rail projects and 73% for extending the subway to West Los Angeles.

    Another 73% said that it was important to expand bus service while 75% supported more carpool lanes and additional service on Metrolink, the commuter rail line that serves six counties.”

    So, there is probably a significant percentage of voters who voted for Measure BECAUSE IT HAD HIGHWAY IMPROVEMENTS in it. Given the measure only passed by a couple percent, I would bet that, if R had not included money for car/highway improvement projects, it would not have passed. I wonder what some of the more anti-car transit advocates around here think of that?

  • Spokker

    I think we should be happy with 77% support for light rail. Here in Orange County that would be more like 5%.