Today’s Headlines

  • One Story You Won’t See in Today’s Paper: 97 Dead in Car Wrecks (Yglesias)
  • White House Thrilled about 405 Widenining (LAist)
  • LA Now Thrilled with Sawtelle Blvd. Widening
  • LA Breaks Ground on Canoga Extension (Transport Politic)
  • New Bike Lockers for the Orange Line (ensie/Flickr)
  • Downtown is Different on a Bike (LA Downtown News)
  • Use it or Lose It: States Are Spending Their Transportation Stimulus Dollars (NYT)
  • DWT: Driving While Texting is Worse than Driving Drunk (Oregonian)
  • It’s Official: I’m Using Twitter Obsessively. Help! (@naparstek)