Ad Nauseam: Antisocial Thuggery From Pioneer

Last week Streetsblog NYC’s Brad Aaron posted what is sure to be a car-culture classic.  This three minute web-only commercial celebrates people that enjoy putting so much money into their cars’ sound systems that they can terrorize entire neighborhoods by blasting music at ear-splitting volumes.  A lot of times when I’m writing an "Ad-nauseam" post I might exaggerate a part of the commercial to help make a larger point. 

If you watch this video, you’ll see that now is not one of those times.

The people in the commercials are so proud of their cars, and their sound systems that they just want to share with the world whether they wish to receive this gift or not.  Witness one dude who smirks as he describes cranking it up when people in other cars look at him in disgust or my personal favorite the dude who’s music is so loud he makes children on the streets cry and then shrugs at the parents because, "these things happen."

It sort of puts the rather modest sound systems that accompany some Midnight Ridazz and Critical Mass rides into perspective, doesn’t it?

  • Wow, it’s like a little miniature documentary about people who have become the indentured servants of their vehicles… kind of a polar opposite to the KPCC story.

  • Hey, yo, wassup, this is tha 20-if century here jus callin to say that that warehouse party is poppin if you’ve spent your future wages enslaving yourself to a lifestyle and business model that has no future. Wassup?! Where you at! It’s tha youf ova here, we be kickin it live, yo.

    Yo, free parking at the warehouse doo, of course. And you’ll be chilling in the vestiges of a formerly productive economy. Thas hella cool. Yo Pioneer speakers!! Wassup!

  • Erik G.

    A) What insurance companies cover these cars? I want to know so that I can move my policies away from them.

    B) Who’s going to be paying for the hearing aids these gentlemen will need very soon? (I know the answer)

    C)I wonder what the future of the Car Washing biz really is.

  • DJB

    Y’all are just hatin’ cuz you wish u cld have a dope ride like mine. I took out a loan to lace my shit up with a sound system that’ll make your ears bleed, and if you don’t like it you can eat a dick . . .

    I’m out. Mad honies watin’ at the warehouse party . . . :)

  • Spokker

    Don’t worry, they’ll leave the club and drive home drunk one night and plow into the Blue Line. Unfortunately Damien Goodman will use it to attack Expo.


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