Swedish Rapper Claims He Beat and Ran Over Pianist in Self-Defense

Late last year, pianist John Osnes was crossing the street in Hollywood when, according to witnesses, an SUV pulled partway into the intersection.  Osnes placed his hands on the vehicle and shouted at the driver to obey the law.  At that point, a backup singer on a High School Musical stars mediocre solo album named David Jassy exited the vehicle and punched the 165 pound Osnes.  When Osnes went down, Jassy kicked him in the head and got back in the vehicle.  With an off duty police officer hanging on the side of the SUV and screaming at him to stop, Jassy ran over Osnes…ending his life.

Earlier this week in court, Jassy explained his action.  He was acting in self defense.   I suppose that’s better than his last explanation, which was basically "these things happen…didn’t anyone see the movie, Crash?"

From the Times’ LA Now blog:

In papers filed in L.A. County Superior Court, the lawyer suggested
that David Jassy, a 35-year-old Swedish citizen who recorded with
Ashley Tisdale and other pop acts, acted in self-defense when he
punched and kicked John Osnes, 55, during a November confrontation in a
Hollywood crosswalk.

“A motorist is not required to sit passively
in his vehicle while a pedestrian strikes the vehicle and yells at him,
and wait and see if the stranger’s anger escalates,” lawyer Alec Rose

…“There is no requirement for a person exercising self-defense to
stop and reassess after every single move whether the antagonist has
given up,” he wrote.

Witnesses have told police that Jassy
quarreled with his girlfriend just before the incident and became angry
when Osnes touched his rented vehicle.
A judge is to rule on the motion next month.

The explanation comes as part of a motion to reduce the murder charges against Jassy.  A ruling on the motion is expected next month.

  • r.r.r.

    this is HORRIBLE!! :*( i hope the judge makes the right decision.

  • theWalrus

    “A motorist is not required to sit passively in his vehicle while a pedestrian strikes the vehicle and yells at him, and wait and see if the stranger’s anger escalates,” lawyer Alec Rose wrote…

    Sure! He has the right to get out, kick his brains in and then DRIVE OVER HIM as he flees the scene! Of course, he could have locked the doors (of his 3000 pound weapon)and calmly driven away.

    He wouldn’t be in jail for murder and pianist John Osnes would be somewhere playing right now. Hopefully, a jury will throw the book at him.

  • When I was a kid, somebody decided they didn’t like me. This guy, and ten of his friends in two cars drove up to me and the dude pulled out his dads’ shotgun yelling at me to “Come closer, so I can kill you!”. I, of course, positioned myself at an awkward angle and he left after threatening to kill me a bunch more times. When he went in front of the judge, he said, “I was threatened by this other kid.”

    With two car loads full of his buddies and a gun in his hand, the judge didn’t buy it and he got busted. I hope that this b.s. argument doesn’t work, but for some reason the threat from guns is more “real” to humans that the threat from cars (though cars, by far, are used to kill more of us each year).

  • 72HW

    We pay to keep people like this alive in jail?

    Throw the book at him – just make sure it’s big enough to squash the breath out of his chest for good!

  • Still following up on this story.

    Thanks again Damien,


  • yasmin


  • maenad

    it´s not david on the pic!!!

    this is: http://www.uriasposten.net/pics/DavidJassy.jpg

  • Carl

    I hope he’ll fry in ol’ sparky! As Swedes we are ashamed of this man being a citizen of Sweden. Lets hope the judge and/or jury makes the right decision and send Jassy where he can’t hurt anybody anymore.

  • moby doug

    The bastard got a 2nd degree murder conviction and 15 years. He claimed he was saddened by Osne’s death, but kept justifying his outrageous violence, and smearing his victim, to the end. He hoped the jury would be stupid enough to believe he was acting in self defense. It’s a shame he didn’t get 1st degree murder and a life sentence. Some day, perhaps soon with “good behavior” and a parole, he may be out on the streets again, threatening & targetting the rest of us.

    Witnesses said he kicked the prostrate, 55 year old, jazz pianist’s skull in as though he were punting a football. And then he drove his SUV over the dying Osne.

    Somewhere in his tiny brain, he probably figured this wanton murder would give him the “street cred” rappers, even Swedish rappers, crave.


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