Wannabe Rapper Beats, Runs Over, Kills Pedestrian Advocate

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Pianist and car-free advocate John Osnes left his favorite bar in Hollywood one night in mid-November.  He waived to the bartender and promised he would be back the next day.  However, instead he was savagely beaten and quite probably intentionally run over by a wanna-be Swedish rapper named David Moses Jassy, who is probably still smarting because his career highlight is being a backup singer for a track written for a High School Musical star’s solo album.  The Times has the details of this brutal attack.

According to authorities, Osnes, who did not own a car and was a
stickler for pedestrian rights, was crossing a street near his
residence when Jassy’s rented SUV drifted into the crosswalk. After
Osnes struck the front of the vehicle with his hands, Jassy allegedly
got out, punched Osnes, kicked him in the head when he stooped to
recover his glasses and then ran over him with the vehicle. Bystanders,
including an off-duty Anaheim police officer, witnessed the assault and
tried unsuccessfully to detain Jassy, according to authorities.

Osnes was pronounced dead at a hospital, and Jassy was arrested Monday
after investigators traced the license of his rented vehicle.

faces charges of assault, battery and leaving the scene of an accident,
but the district attorney’s office is mulling additional counts
depending on autopsy results and further investigation.

While the city appears to be taking this case seriously, bail was set at $1 million, I can’t understand why Jassey is not being charged with murder or manslaughter.  Leaving the scene of an accident?  If the witnesses accounts are correct, there was nothing accidental about what befelled Osnes.

Ironically, friends report that Osnes’ pet peeve was rude drivers.  These same friends have setup a webpage to pay tribute to their car free friend. 

Photo: John T. Osnes.com

  • anon

    They had to wait until autopsy reports came back before charging him with more serious charges. John was very special to my friends and I and we hope justice will be served when this guy is charged this week.

  • Jesus, how scary. I got hit and choked by a guy in a Mustang after he hit me in a crosswalk because he was on his phone. I hit the front of his car in response, and he jumped out of the car and attacked me. It seriously sucked.

    My thoughts go out to John Osnes and his friends and family. :(

  • Damien,

    You got to stay on top of this one. I was hoping to see this story also on Streetsblog NY. This is the best documented (worst) case I’ve heard in a long time of flat out murder of a pedestrian for merely crossing the road and I think it deserves national attention.

    The coroners report is back and it does look like that Jassy will be facing more charges.

  • LAist also posted on the story. I hope this guy pays for what he did.


  • Where o Where

    Let us all tell everyone about keeping this in mind as a reason for de facto stronger penalties for ANY sort of car v. bike or pedestrian altercation. There is no match when it comes to anger and using a 2 ton vehicle as a weapon against a 20 lb. vehicle. Jassy deserves no less than life in prison.

  • Zeeshan Dogar

    People these days are either on narco or pharma drugs and you can never know what to expect. Don’t take for granted that the other person has the same outlook on reality as you. Physical appearance has nothing to do with how menacing (and crazy) a stranger can turn out to be; could be a tattooed biker or an old granny….seriously…..best to call the cops or rant it off on your blogsite.