Today’s Headlines

  • Ansaldo Breda Making a Full Court Press Before Today’s Vote (blogdowntown)
  • But Metro CEO Leahy Finds "Little Reason" to Renew Contract (Times)
  • Metrolink Wants More Control of Train Engineers (Times)
  • California Farm Bureau Raises Concerns Over High-Speed Rail (CHSRB)
  • Feds Approve Two New Transit Corridors for Houston (Transport Politic)
  • Matthew Modine: Cars Are the New Cigarettes (HuffPo via Carfree USA)
  • New Mapping Tool Lets You Compare Carbon Footprint of Different Locations (Sightline Daily)
  • MTA Strapping in Wheelchair Bound Bus Riders (ABC7)
  • Want More Exercise on Your Bike? Try Triangular Wheels (Times UK)