Today’s Headlines

  •  New York Times to Cyclists: Don’t Get Drunk, Wear a Helmut
  • The Carnage Continues, Hit-and-Run Driver Maims Child (KCAL)
  • Obama Appoints Federal Transit Administrator (TOW via
  • Tom Friedman Wants a National Carbon Tax Instead of Cap-and-Trade (NYT)
  • Biking and Transit Changing L.A. (Travelin’ Local)
  • Metro Gives Second Change to Error-Riddled Italian Streetcar Company (LA Weekly)
  • Friends for Expo "Refreshes" Website to Reflect Last Week’s Meeting
  • Dan W.

    Friedman may have been wrong with his support for the Iraq War, but he has been writing some very interesting columns on energy and the environment. The National Carbon Tax idea deserves more consideration and discussion.