Tweeting Bike Activism

Following up on one of the suggestions I received last weekend at the Bike Summit, Los Angeles Streetsblog has created a twitter account named "labikes" which will inform cyclists of action alerts, public meetings, and action alerts to help the community get more involved with issues as they come up.  Unlike Streetsblog or other bike tweets, these will be "just the facts" to connect people to the meetings and issues.  For example, labikes just tweeted:

LABAC Planning SubCommittee – 2:00 P.M. Today at Caltrans Building
Agenda: BMP, Expo Path, Bike Parking, and NBC Universal

If I can find a place online which has the meeting agenda or a direct link to an action alert, it will be provided in the tweet.  You can sign up to receive our twitter feed at or sign up for the RSS feed here.

  • Hey Damien, can you provide a link to the twitter feed? That link just goes to the twitter home page. I don’t actually want to sign up for twitter, I just want to subscribe to it RSS style and read it like I do everything else.

  • Thanks Gary,

    I just added what I think is the RSS feed page, but here it is again:

  • Hmm weird, I get a password dialogue with that link. I don’t really know the whole twitter thing very well, but when I clicked link for Twitter page of Encino velodrome it took me to a twitter page, there was an rss link, I hooked it up and never had to log on to anything.

  • I’m not sure what you linked here, but I’ve had a Twitter account for a while and was unable to access either of your links.

    Here’s what my twitter page looks like and you can follow me via this link:

  • Alan

    It took me a few tries, but the link is

  • If you have any news, please post here so that we can know in time.

  • Stats Dude

    It looks like the bike tweets were canceled in favor of the main site feed

    Just link to the above, or start following.


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