So, You Can’t Make the Bike Summit

Film of yesterday’s press conference from Ubrayj02 and DJ Chicken Leather

Now I know there are those among you that can’t make the Bike Summit tomorrow for whatever reason.  Don’t worry, for those of you that can’t make it, Streetsblog will have full coverage of all the keynote speakers on Monday as well as links to other writers takes on different happenings throughout the course of the weekend. 

If you can’t make it tomorrow, but also can’t wait until Monday, you still have options.  First "Bike Talk" is rumored to be broadcasting live from the Summit at from 10:00 A.M. until Noon.  You can also read two blog posts by some of our guest speakers at Occidental College’s UEPI Blog.  The first is by Noah Budnick and discusses "Safety in Numbers."  The Second from Elly Blue is about looking closer to home to find solutions to our problems.

And of course, as we’ve been saying over and over, the Summit is a multi-day event.  At Nate Baird’s blog Ensie, not to be confused with Enci, he takes a look at Budnick’s presentation yesterday at Metro Headquarters.

See you tomorrow!


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