Today’s Headlines

  • Southern California Draws Up Stimulus Wish List (Times)
  • Another Crash Waiting to Happen at Fig and Flower? (Blogdowntown)
  • Video of DASH, Metro Running Red Lights (Bus Bench)
  • Daily News Wants You to Draw up Your Own Long Range Plan (Daily News)
  • Congestion Pricing: Great for Drivers, Part 2 (Freakonomics)
  • Obama Close to Naming ‘Car Czar’ (NYT)
  • Will the Stimulus Package Fund Light Rail in Fort Worth? (Fort Worthology via
  • 300 Gallons of Asphalt Spill on I-210 (Daily News)
  • Allen T

    In the LA Times article, I noticed nothing on repair/replacement of L.A. deplorable sidewalks. For over 20 years, there was no bicycle repair program. In addition, this could be a great opportunity to really develop the green streets program.

    Just my thought on how to spend taxpayer dollars.