Today’s Headlines

  • CPUC Punts Expo Ruling…Again (LA Now)
  • Bush Admin May Pursue Managed Bankruptcy for Car Makers (NYT)
  • Obama Team Rushing to Draft Stimulus Package of Up to $1 Trillion (NYT, Politico)
  • Current Auto-Bailout Number Sits at $17.4 Billion (Times)
  • Schwarzenegger Promises Veto of Dem. Tax Package, Including Gas Tax (Daily News)
  • How Does Transpo Sec Ray LaHood Play in Peoria? (Peoria Chronicle)
  • LADOT Bike Coordinator on Midnight Ridazz, "I got more miles in my legs than they do" (LA Weekly)
  • Now the Ridazz Want a Road Race (Midnight Ridazz)
  • The Pro-Transit Legacy of Conservative Activist Paul Weyrich (Rebuilding Place via
  • How Jan Gehl Gained a Global Following (Worldchanging)
  • Ha! Damien — thanks for the link to that ridazz forum about Mowery and the LADOT! DRAMA! Such fun. Oh no you didn’t!

    Ubrayj – the LADOT needs someone like you to shake things up…but could you really deal with the gray cubes in the Battlestar building 5 days a week? Ugh, it hurts my brain thinking about it.

    In the meantime, here let’s re-visit that old DIY Sharrow theme, shall we?