Today’s Headlines

  • According to the L.A. Times Bottleneck Blog (which is folding into L.A. Now, so Metrorider is needed more than ever):


    “The Los Angeles County registrar finished counting ballots on Friday, and here’s the final line score for Measure R, the half-cent sales tax increase for transportation projects — including the start of the Westside subway extension — in Los Angeles County:

    Yes: 2,039,214 votes, 67.93%

    No: 962,569 votes, 32.07%

    Measure R needed two-thirds votes to pass, meaning it won by a raw vote total of about 37,000 votes. The county Board of Supervisors is scheduled to declare the results official at its meeting on Tuesday.”


    Woo hoo! With all the hurdles this had to overcome it truly makes me happy. Los Angeles has voted for and invested in its future.

    This is just tremendous!