C.I.C.L.E. + Path to Freedom = Harvest Bike Ride and Potluck Social

C.I.C.L.E. + Path to Freedom = Harvest Bike Ride and Potluck Social

Special musical guest: Triple Chicken Foot!!

is a perfect time for acorn soups, warm casseroles, pumpkin pies, bike
riding over fallen crunchy leaves, kick ball in the park and an Urban
Expedition’s Harvest Ride and Potluck Social. On Saturday, November 15,
at 11:30 AM, C.I.C.L.E. is excited to team up with the renowned urban
homestead, Path To Freedom, for an incredible neighborhood bike ride, potluck and gathering.

Angeles is teeming with diverse minds and culture, and yet despite our
differences in background and perspectives, we can still come together
for something reminiscent of a bygone era–when community was the most
valuable commodity. November’s Urban Expeditions is one such
gathering–packed full of good old fashioned good times.

the day by decorating your bike and riding an easy-paced Urban
Expeditions bike ride around the neighborhood. After the ride, get
ready for the “100-mile potluck” challenge, where potluck contestants
will compete against each other for the prestigious “most local dish”
award. Next we’ll enjoy the fruits of the harvest as we feast on local
and homegrown delectable potluck delights. And there’s nothing like a
bit of fun after a good meal. Enjoy live music from Triple Chicken Foot,
and bring your musical instruments (if you play) and take part in an
impromptu jam session. Get creative and use your brain playing
“sustainable charades”. Enjoy kickball, a scavenger hunt, volleyball,
gunny sack races and being a kid again–and make sure to bring the kids!

grab your bikes, your friends, and your family and come celebrate with
the C.I.C.L.E. folks and the legendary urban homesteaders from Path to
Freedom. This event is free.

thanks to our Urban Expeditions’ supporters and event sponsors: REI,
Whole Foods Arroyo, Armstrong Nursery (South Pasadena) and Clif Bar.


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