CBS2: Cyclist Killed after “Running Into” Car

(editor’s note: This story has been updated with the text of the police report here.)

CBS 2 news reported earlier today that a cyclist was struck and killed after a crash with a 1989 Honda Civic that was traveling in the same lane as him.  However, despite the completely unlikely possibility that the cyclist raced up behind the moving car and slammed into him, CBS 2 seems to imply that is exactly what happened.  Emphasis dded by me:

A bicyclist was killed in a collision with a car in Lancaster, authorities said Wednesday.

Tran, 19, of Lancaster, died at a hospital following the crash, which
occurred about 10:55 p.m. Tuesday at 30th Street West and Avenue L-6,
sheriff’s Lt. Stefanie Fredericks of the Lancaster Station said.

was riding his bike south on 30th Street West when he collided with a
1989 Honda Civic that also was traveling southbound, Fredericks said

The man driving the Honda, 38-year-old Renal Fuller of Lancaster, was interviewed but was not arrested.

The family and friends of Dan Tran have my deepest sympathies and doubtless those of the entire bike community.


Update: Police Report on Lancaster Bike Fatality

An alert and obviously well-informed reader got a copy of the police report from Tuesday’s fatal bike crash in Lancaster.  Some readers felt that I assumed the car driver to be at fault without knowing the facts.  The point of that article, and this one, isn’t to place blame on anyone but show how the […]